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St. George Village Value Calculator

See How Affordable It Can Be!

Once you compare your current housing costs with all that’s included in the monthly fee at St. George Village, independent retirement living may not seem as expensive as you may think. Use the Value Calculator below to compare.

Step 1. Calculate your monthly household expenses and fill in the amount.
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Mortgage/Rent Payment
Real Estate Taxes
House Insurance
Condominium or Neighborhood Maintenance Fee
All Utilities (Electricity, A/C, Local Phone Service, Heat, Water, Sewer, Trash Pick-up)
Basic Cable TV
Lawn Care/Landscaping
Weekly Housekeeping
Appliance Maintenance or Replacement
All Major Maintenance (Roofs, Plumbing, Window Cleaning, Gutters, Painting, etc.)
Building Security
Pest Control Services
Services & Utilities
Local Transportation
Planned Social, Cultural, Educational, Recreational and Spiritual Activities
Peace of mind
Fitness and Wellness Programs
24-Hour Emergency Medical Response
Fire Alarm System - Sprinklers, Smoke Alarms
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